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Krka waterfall are a must see when you are visiting croatia.
Krka is the second most visited national park in croatia for a reason. The Krka national park is a perfect mixture of nature and tradition. On one hand, Krka has a great variety of flora and fauna but it also has a small village dedicated to Croatian tradition where you can see how people made a living from the waterfalls.

This tour takes you on a journey from Split to Plitvice National Park. On this full day tour you will discover Plitvice with its 16 lakes, travertine barriers, largest Croatian waterfall and breathtaking canyons.

Dubrovnik is a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Dubrovnik is reffered to as the Pearl of the Adriatic  for its amazing level of preservation and fascinating heritage.

Split is the biggest city in Dalmatia and the second city of Croatia with about 180000 people. The city of Split is located in the center of Dalmatia and is therefore the best base for all travel activities.

Visit mostar, the cultural center of the Hercegovina region with its unique arhitecture. The city is known as the window to the orient. As you walk through the bazaar you might get a nice bargain on souvenirs or try some of the amazing local foods and drinks, also you can spectate professionals jump off the beautiful old bridge which is around 20 meters in height.